Senior Year for Passionate Choir Students

Alex Walsh, Staff Author

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Some people take choir for just another easy A, but these few student have a passion for the arts. I got to talk to a few seniors in Concert Choir, which is the highest choir here at FHS, who have been part of the choir department all throughout their high school career. I first asked what does being in choir mean to them and when did they first start getting interested in it. “I discovered choir in 5th grade when I got invited to sing in the Honor Choir and I guess I have just been hooked ever since”, says Kailee Quinnell, “Choir is a place where I don’t have to sit still and stare at a smart board for an hour. I get to interact with people that all have a love for music and we get to be ourselves and have fun working on challenging music together.” All four student I interviewed have been in all the choirs the school has to offer, and I wondered how they are different and if there is a change in the environment. Elizabeth Stewart told me “they are all different, but in a good way. Women’s choir is just getting started on your choir journey. You get to meet new people while having a good time singing. Cantabile is different because your still having a good time, but you are getting to know the real stuff about singing and become more advanced. Concert choir is a whole different deal. Concert choir is the ultimate goal, and once you have achieved it, you feel complete. In concert choir, you are definitely expected to work hard, but we also have a blast while doing it.” Maia Honl is the Vice President of Concert Choir, so I wanted to know how it’s different than previous years, and what is like being VP. She said that there hasn’t been anything drastic. “I suppose it’s changed for me due to the fact that I have this position and I have become more involved with planning and things like that. I can say for certain that the choir has gotten closer. Last year, it felt as if there was this tension amongst a lot of people. I don’t feel that this year. I’ve come to know many people who were in choir all through high school, but a lot of them I’ve only known this year. It’s going to be tough leaving, but I’m not worried. I’m excited to see what the future has in store.” With all of them continuing school after graduation, it sounds as if they would pursue choir through college. Teagan Coyer is commitment to Concordia University in Moorhead and is majoring in music education and/or performance, which isn’t surprising to her fellow choir students. They all have a love for what they’re doing, so I questioned them to see if they recommend other students to join, no matter the grade. All of them highly recommend students to join. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without these people. Even though classes change every trimester and you have all of these things going on, you can just come to this one class that is your constant throughout the year and just hang out. And of course work on music, that is important too please don’t get mad Dimich.” Anyone you talk to in the choir program would highly recommend taking it at some point in high school. So to any students in high school or starting their freshman year soon, take some advice from the seniors. Choir is more than just an easy arts elective. It can build friendships that could last you for a long time. Music is something we can bond over and enjoy as one.

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