All-State Choir Participants 2018


image obtained from Jack Baumbach

Zach Hogan, Alex Kiage, Megan Dimich, Teagan Coyer, and Jack Baumbach at the St. Olaf performance

Morgan Ebel, Junior Editor

This year Farmington High School has four recipients for All-State Choir awards, which is more than impressive.  The students are Alex Kiage (junior), Jack Baumbach (junior), Teagan Coyer (senior), and Zach Hogan (senior). About this time last year, the all-state participants had to audition online with a song they prepared as well as sing a scale.  This was then judged, and news came about a month after submitting the recordings. The judges select just over 200 individuals within the state of Minnesota. Baumbach says, “I was so excited to make it because I honestly wasn’t expecting to, but it was one of my main goals for my high school choral career.”  There are three different choirs within all-state, men’s choir, women’s choir and a mixed choir. Kiage is in the men’s choir, Coyer is in the women’s choir, Baumbach and Hogan are in the mixed choir.

The selected individuals from across the state of Minnesota took part in a week long camp at the end of summer.  This years camp was held at St. Olaf College in Northfield. Choral professors were brought in from around the country to instruct the three choirs.  At camp, they were introduced to their songs and had rehearsals multiple times a day. Kiage explained, “The week at camp was a lot of fun, I met a lot of new people who are just as nerdy about choir as I am.”  At the end of the week, the choirs held a sneak peak performance. I personally got to attend this event. The performance was held at a small church on the St. Olaf campus and let me just say, I have never heard something more amazing than this performance.  It was absolutely breathtaking and the crowd was in tears during multiple songs.

On February 16, there will be an all-state performance at orchestra hall.  Good luck to Alex, Jack, Teagan, and Zach, keep working hard and making Farmington proud!