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Arts and Agriculture are very similar when it comes to being creative. When taking an art or agriculture class you must be ready to use your imagination. The Prowler Press interviewed Mr. Paul, the main question was “ What is one thing you want your students to walk out of this school with? ”. Mr. Paul informed Prowler Press about the creativity, time, and hard work put into each and every class. The art teaches have meetings frequently, most are about how they feel they can make their class periods better. Mr. Hall told the Prowler Press that most of their changes this year were mostly from student feedback in the past years. The first few weeks of class the arts and agriculture classes work on elements and principles by practicing each technique. During the interview with Mr. Paul, he pointed out that in his class he thinks “students should bring real life observations and personal life into their art work so the their piece becomes more original”. He also said that “most art classes are now giving students the freedom and choice”. These teachers collaborate together when they find a new technique of teaching that doesn’t suit students learning. This year the art classes are trying out a new teaching method called T.A.B. (Teaching Artistic Behavior). This gives the students more hands on teaching and learning. Which gives the students more room for creativity and imagination.

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Savanna Welch, Writer

My name is Savanna Welch. I go to Farmington High School. I’m sixteen and I’m a Junior. I’ve been at Farmington High School for two years now. I’ve...

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