New Year, New Teachers


Kailey Ohlhues, writer

Here at Farmington High School there have been many new changes, and i got a chance to interview Mr. Klein, a new math teacher here at FHS. He grew up in Hastings, MN and attended the U of M. He lives in Apple Valley with his wife and dalmatian. He has also worked up in Minneapolis at Patrick Henry High School for 2 years. He gave the Graduation speech last year for the seniors, he was voted most inspirational teacher. He teaches Algebra 2 and algebra concepts. One of the first questions I asked him was how he knew he wanted him to become a teacher, he told me he went into college wanting to become a chemical engineer, then things and he did a lot of volunteering during college, and helping out friends with math and they told him he should be a teacher. Another question I asked him was what he likes about teaching, and he told me “the moment when students eyes lighten up or gasp saying they get it, it doesn’t happen often but when you see it that’s what I wake up for” and I also asked him what difference have you made as a teacher, and he told me “ it’s getting my students to see the passion, not necessary with math but i was able to show them you can be passionate about something, I think i showed them my passion for math and that helped showed them find their passion for whatever they wanted to do”.